Erotic Meditation Retreat

Erotic Meditation Retreat

How can we rest as Awareness in the midst of sexuality, sensuality, relating and intimacy?

The Erotic Meditation practice is an excellent practice for cultivating the Internal Observer irregardless of what is happening in your environment is one means of expanding awareness and finding deep inner stillness. It can also support shifting your sense of identity from the individual ego to the vastness of the infinite is another. As we deepen into the internal stillness, we find ourselves embracing Oneness with all of life and possibly experiencing a complete awakening.

What is erotic meditation? 

We use vipassana practice and witnessing as our main meditation form as we include physical sensation into our practice. Physical sensation comes from working with a or your partner who witnesses you and you witness the sensation. The practice is done in couples, it’s a great practice for couples people signing up as singles need to be open to be working in pairs.


Many layers of conditioning and attachment are associated with physical touch, trauma, desire, wanting, disappointment, routine patterns. As we allow to let touch, sensation, pleasure arise in the body if it wants to we open the doorway to loose all attachments to the sensation and enter into an erotic meditative experience of ourselves: Tantra. 

Moving through sensations, clearing layer by layer what we may hold and associate in the most perceptive organ the skin, we shed ideas and beliefs that bind us from experiencing an expansion of timeless, light and orgasmic potential. The energetic, spiritual valley orgasm, the lightness of the heart, pure joy, bliss and oneness.

What does the practice do for people?

The practice allows the participant to enter into deep state of being the observer, of feeling timeless, safe and held without needing to anything just receiving touch without context, wanting or pressure.

As meditative awareness develops and we are able to explore touch and pleasure so much deeper that we have before, our relationship to giving and receiving, to pleasure and vulnerability, to stillness and the spirit’s embodiment changes. 

It’s an experience that will stay with you forever, ad to your relationship with yourself and others, expand your meditative awareness and entangle the do’s and don’ts you had in yourself about touch and pleasure.

COSTS: $495, EB $395 per person for the first 10 participants, maximum of 24 participants only, deduct the amount from the intro night from the course fee if you are coming

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Payments can be made to PayPal or to Marion Ellyard BSB 037163 ACC 891580

Cancellation Policy: Refunds less $100 administration fee are available prior to Sept 25. After this time no refunds will be made unless we can fill your place from the wait list. You may also transfer your registration to someone else at any time with the approval of one of the facilitators. 


RED TENT YOGA CENTRE, 10/21-23 Tasman Way, Byron Arts & Industrial Estate

$20, deduct the amount from your course fee if you are coming